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Instructions for Authors

Submitted manuscripts shall be written in the following format with all sections labeled:

Title: The title of a scientific inquiry should be explicit regarding to the material covered in the manuscript. It is not meant to be artistic or poetic. It should advertise to the reader exactly what is covered in the manuscript. It should be inclusive of the content with consideration to brevity (approximately 100 character maximum).

Author: All persons and only persons making a legitimate contribution to the work should be informed and included in order of their contribution or in alphabetical order of their last names. The authors should include their current contact, affiliation, and/or e-mail address. The principal author should be undergraduate student.

Keywords: Please include no less than two and up to six key words including discipline (biology, chemistry, etc.) so that your article can be searched.

Abstract: This is a brief description of what was done in the investigation, how it was done, and what was found.

Introduction: This is background information needed to understand the work. It may include what has been found by previous investigators, factual material about the materials being investigated, and other pertinent information. Information should be appropriately referenced in this section by author(s) and year.

Methods (if applicable): The methodology used to conduct the experiments should be described to the extent that they can be repeated by another investigator. This description should be a narrative written in the past tense, and written in the third person.

Results (if applicable): The data and an explanation of the data is reported in this section. This section tends to include tables and figures. Tables and figures should be numbered and titled.

Discussion (if applicable): This section includes additional relevant material regarding the findings of the work. It should include explanations of the significance of the findings, and comparisons to the findings of other investigations appropriately referenced.

Conclusions (if applicable): This is a brief summary of the findings of the work.

References: This should include enough information for readers to locate all works cited. It is commonly necessary to cite information mentioned in the introduction and in the discussion sections. References should include the author, title, publisher and year of a book, and the author, title, journal, volume, page number and year of a journal.

Acknowledgements (if applicable): In this section the author acknowledges contributions to the work by persons or organizations who are not listed as co-authors.

Please submit all material by email in Microsoft document format docx or LaTeX format, Times New Roman, font size 12, one inch margins all around. The email should be directed to the editor in respective discipline or to the editor-in-chief.

Technical requirements for files:

  • A single file should not have more than 500 Kb (kilobyte) per page on average.
  • Large images, tables etc. should be formatted within a separate page.
  • All images need to be in gif, jpg, or pgn format and accompanied with appropriate caption.
  • All the pages have to be in a portrait orientation (as opposed to landscape orientation).
  • File format should be docx or LaTeX. In case of another format please consult managing editor first.